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Lead Partner
Our Lead Partner Mr. Satinder Kapur has completed his B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics from the Indian Institute of Technology (New Delhi, India).

He has also done his MMS (Masters in Management Sciences) from the University of Bombay (Maharashtra, India) followed by LLB from the Law Faculty, University of Delhi.

Satinder Kapur is a dully qualified lawyer. He is an Indian Advocate and an English Solicitor (England & Wales)
Satinder Kapur and Associates
CSR Consulting

Our expert, specialized and customer specific services for CSR
We have worked for several MNCs and other Indian companies to achieve their CSR objectives in the most efficient and best manner.
We will provide end to end services for our clients who engage us for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations.

Our services shall include the following:

  1. Holding board meetings for formation of CSR Committee.
  2. Formulation of CSR Policy and approving it via board meeting.
  3. Selection of the most appropriate and efficient NGO. The NGO's tax and business registration will be verified by us.
  4. Procuring a project proposal from the NGO for the Company. Usually NGO's give a one year duration project proposal.
  5. Preparing draft agreement between Company and the NGO for providing the CSR Funds to the NGO and to ensure execution of the project as per the project proposal received from the NGO. The funds can be given to the NGO via Demand Draft/RTGS/Cheque.
  6. Execution of the agreement on a non-judicial stamp paper of INR 100 between the Company and NGO
  7. Assistance in transfer of funds from Company to NGO under the agreement.
  8. Procuring Utility Certificates from the NGO on a quarterly basis so that the Company can maintain its records as to the progress of the Project and the usage of CSR Funds.
  9. Procuring a final closure certificate from the NGO which will state that the Project has been closed and the CSR Funds have been used as per the agreement
  10. Preparing the Directors' Report for the Annual General Meeting of the Company wherein the CSR funds and project details shall be provided.

Feel free to contact Aman Yadav at 9654728868 (mobile) or (email) for any CSR related queries or engagement.