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Global Affiliations

SKAA has worked on disputes and transactions across India, in addition to undertaking global mandates touching upon several jurisdictions including the USA, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the Nordic region, the Middle East, and west Africa.  SKAA's team has worked with lawyers across the world and learnt from the bouquet of best practices this diverse community offers.  SKAA views each mandate as an opportunity to produce results by infusing effective procedural tools with sound legal reasoning and painstaking preparation.  Amongst other global collaborations, SKAA has executed several projects in the Middle East and Europe with United Advocates and the Grimaldi Alliance. 

Committed to providing multidisciplinary legal assistance to clients, the practice avails itself of working groups composed of highly specialized professionals. The alliance covers over 70 jurisdictions globally, including Europe, Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico, USA, China.  SKAA is proud to be Grimaldi’s India partners.


SKAA and Grimaldi’s members have worked on important projects with multi-jurisdictional elements, including international diligences, advisory, and execution.   

Based in Dubai, United Advocates offers comprehensive and innovative legal solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients with activity in the Middle east.


The substance of United Advocates’ work ranges from corporate law advice, dispute resolution assistance, legal guidance for government agencies, amongst other mattes.  SKAA and United Advocates have successfully collaborated on several mandates before courts in the UAE and involving issues of Dubai law.

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